About Orff schulwerk, and music and movement

All classes will be based on the principles of Orff Schulwerk, a comprehensive music education approach for children developed by composer Carl Orff most famous for his choral number O fortuna from Carmina Burana and his colleague Guinald Keetman. This approach combines many different elements to create an effective whole. Orff schulwerk creates an exciting and aesthetic musical experience that will enrich your child's life, and make them a more confident, and empathetic person. The elements of this approach are best summed up by the acronym P.R.I.S.M.S. (playing elemental instruments, rhythm, Improvisation, singing, movement and speech.)

    Each family has something unique to offer my curriculum. please share favorite books, folktales, family vacation plans (in advance) field trips, cultural interests, and music. also, share any part of your curriculum you would like embellished by music.
    Only the best music is good enough for our children. I seek and create quality arrangements to play and sing, and focus on American folk music that has withstood the test of time, and has been part of our collective heritage. I am committed to helping children develop an appreciation of the best music from all eras and traditions.
 375 W 790 S
Logan, Utah 84321
there may be a change of venue if class sizes are large. families will be notified well in advance if any change is made.

When:  Beginning Aug 1

Tuesday 4:30-5:10

Appropriate for ages 4-10 one class per week .

For older children with interest in music I recommend Cache valley children's choir, or school bands, and orchestras. and private lessons.

Aug 19- December 18:  $82.00 per child
Aug19-May 28: $150.00 per child
A 10% discount will be applied for all siblings. Rates will be reduced if class sizes exceed 10 students. It is recommended that each student is present as much as possible as lessons are cumulative.
 no additional purchase is necessary.  parents are welcome to observe or participate.
periodic programs will showcase compositions your children create!
Meikjn Fielding  (pronounced my-kin)

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